Rick Flash & The Adventurenauts is a collaborative creation by brothers Scott and Mark Pate, with their life-long friend Marshall Litchfield.
Mark Pate (art/colors/letters/co-creator):
Mark lives and works in NYC as an illustrator / designer in the film, television, and publishing industries. Mark has worked as Assistant Art Director on a variety of film and television projects including Armageddon Time (Focus Features, 2022) and season 6 of The Good Fight (CBS Studios, 2022).
Mark is the illustrator for the forth-coming comic book series, Thorn written by Travis B. Hill, slated for publication with Advent Comics beginning in 2023.
Scott Pate (writer/co-creator):
Scott, whose published work has been featured in magazines like Percussive Notes and Renaissance Magazine, has been writing magazine articles, novels, comic book scripts, and screenplays for over 20 years.
Marshall Litchfield (co-creator)
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