“After wars, men go home. No, no, men start for home. It’s not the same.”
-from Space Chantey by R.A. Lafferty
Guardians from another dimension journeyed across the reaches of space with one unified purpose: find and kill Rick Flash.  After scientists at Colossal Laboratories realized that defeating the guardians before they destroyed Earth was not possible, Rick Flash, along with a small crew, made the heart-crushing decision to leave his wife and young son behind in order to draw the guardians away from the planet and into deep space.

The story of Rick Flash & the Adventurenauts picks up six years after Rick and his crew, the Adventurenauts, left Earth.  Almost all of the inter-dimensional guardians have been destroyed – only one remains unaccounted for – and Rick and his crew finally have the opportunity to begin their journey home.

In these episodic adventures which are grouped into a 12-issue story arc, Rick Flash & the Adventurenauts fight their way through every obstacle placed before them on their unwavering drive back to Earth.  During their fantastic odyssey, the crew of the Adventure are frequently (and often unwillingly) stymied by treacherous space banditos, a temper-tantrum throwing boy prince, Rick Flash imposters, and menacing evil robots.

Rick Flash and the Adventurenauts is an action/adventure/comedy set in a 1950s style science-fiction universe where rocket ships can travel the length of the galaxy, robots are an everyday threat, and each planet is filled with danger and intrigue.

The story begins with the crew of the Adventure facing off with an evil robot before being captured by Space Banditos.  Later, the Adventurenauts will be forced to face some old friends from another rocket ship in hand-to-hand arena combat for the pleasure of the terrible Prince Kazbian-Kazbian.  After escaping the arena, they will fall prey to the Puzzle Wizard’s mysterious labyrinth of confusion where Rick will be separated from the crew and replaced with a deadly Rick Flash Robot. After a few issues of separate adventures (Rick escaping from his captors and the Adventurenauts dealing with the imposter on their ship) Rick and the Adventurenauts are reunited once again but end up facing their most dangerous adventure yet—the Chrono-Nova. As the Adventurenauts’ ship is nearly destroyed, we get a glimpse into Rick’s past and his future, and the crew has the chance to right some wrongs before saving both time and space from being completely annihilated.
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